Tuesday, 8 December 2015

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Anything you do online can be automated with BotChief such as account register, content scraper and article submit etc. It will help you to collect and analyze information, synchronize online accounts, upload and download data, finish any other job that you might do in a web browser, and beyond.

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Auto follow, follow back and unfollow

TweetAttacksPro 4 allows you to follow/unfollow people fully automatically. You can search people via keyword, import people from files and follow other people's followers. You can set the number you want to follow/unfollow every time, maximum follow/unfollow number per day and interval time etc... Check the image for more details.

Powerful Tweet and Delete Tweet

The Tweet function lets you create any number of tweet tasks, all tasks can run at the same time, can run at any time and can run any number of times. You can set one tweet message for the whole task or you can set a different tweet message for every account, you also can use the SpinnerChief api to spin your tweet message automatically, so that there is no duplicate message sent. The tweet task can stop automatically after running a set time, or it can run continually according to your settings. The best part of a tweet task is that you can use "@mention" function in your tweet message; the, program will search for people automatically based on your keyword, so these people will still get your message even though they are not following you. Oh yes, we forgot to mention that TweetAttacksPro 4 can tweet images now! See the images for more details. And you can also delete your tweet automatically using the tweet delete task.

you can use www.tweetattackspro.com
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you can use www.tweetattackspro.com
you can add my skype:anthong.brown3
In the previous version of TweetAttacksPro, we don't use twitter api to operate your account. From tweetattackspro 4, you can select to use twitter API to operate your account or use the previous http(socket) post to operate your account. We give you more options because every way has itself advantage.

Account ManagerThe Account Manager makes it easy to save your accounts by category or campaign, you can see all the important details of the accounts in one table - very clear! When you select accounts to run a task, you can select either one category or multi-category accounts to run the task, this will help you to manage your campaign accounts very well.

The main functions in the account manager form are: add account category, add account, import accounts, export accounts, delete accounts, check the details of selected accounts!

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you can use www.tweetattackspro.com

TweetAttacksPro 4 is designed to run thousands of twitter accounts at the same time 24/7 to auto-follow, unfollow, follow back, tweet, retweet, reply, favorite, delete tweet, unretweet, unfavorite,add to list and send messages to your new followers ..etc. Every account can have its own settings thus preventing twitter from becoming suspicious about the account, plus the software can simulate human operation perfectly!
you can add my skype:anthong.brown3
Smart Task Settings 
 TweetsAttacksPro 4 splites all basic functions (follow, unfollow, search, tweet etc...) into small modules, you can combine these modules to create a very complex task, it can do anything you want.