Tuesday, 8 December 2015

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you can use www.tweetattackspro.com
you can add my skype:anthong.brown3
In the previous version of TweetAttacksPro, we don't use twitter api to operate your account. From tweetattackspro 4, you can select to use twitter API to operate your account or use the previous http(socket) post to operate your account. We give you more options because every way has itself advantage.

Account ManagerThe Account Manager makes it easy to save your accounts by category or campaign, you can see all the important details of the accounts in one table - very clear! When you select accounts to run a task, you can select either one category or multi-category accounts to run the task, this will help you to manage your campaign accounts very well.

The main functions in the account manager form are: add account category, add account, import accounts, export accounts, delete accounts, check the details of selected accounts!

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