Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Legit SpinnerChief Coupon? q&a error startindex cannot be less than zero. parameter name startindex

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Q:error startindex cannot be less than zero. parameter name startindex?

Answer:Please change the data format to English(USA) and try again, it should work.

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  1. As a former member and most advanced user in botchief I would say avoid it at all costs. They stole commissions from me, then when I complained about it they disabled my license 3+ years I had with them, and they took a lot in commissions and then the license. Also if I did all of their training videos in case you are curious. It’s riddled with bugs, they don’t have support (Most users came to me for support) If your looking to bot development learn a programming language because you will soon find out that all 3rd party tools cannot keep up with what you can do with a programming language! You may know my channel –